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Battalion 3 Technologies (BATT3) is an agile emergency solutions development team located in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. We build technologies that work, provide value oriented pricing, and back it up with industry leading customer service. We understand the needs of our clients, because we also work in the fire service. Look around at our products, give us a try with a trial, or just call us and see what we can do for your department.

Our Solutions

We focus on providing usable solutions for today’s emergency services. We were founded by working members of the fire service who recognize the need for technologies to be simple to use, yet powerful tools to handle complex problems. Our advantage is our development team focuses on first hand knowledge and experience as incident commanders and leaders in the fire service.  Our products maintain an intuitive design and work reliably in rugged environments.

Incident Command

ICx: Incident Command x

Batt3’s ICx digital command platform is the easiest solution for real world incident commanders available. It is a full featured program that allows the end user virtually no limits on how they set up and track the management of their incident. Built for actual emergency command post use, by incident commanders, ICx is in a league of its own in terms of usefulness under fire.

Firefighter Scheduling


In addition to our command program, we offer a web-based scheduling solution called FireRoster. Available from any device, FireRoster allows you to make, review, and change your workforce scheduling as it happens. No more spreadsheets or filing paper rosters. FireRoster also allows your members flexibility to arrange leave, take trades, and apply for overtime assignments based on your department policies. Say goodbye to having to call down phone lists to find someone to work.

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About Us

Founded in 2011 by two career battalion chiefs, Battalion 3 Technologies has worked tirelessly to develop command post friendly software solutions. When we set out to find a digital command solution, we couldn’t find one that worked for us and our department. We teamed up with a software engineer and developed the original ICx. We then began building a roster program to populate personnel in ICx for a more complete accountability tool.  We have enjoyed the journey so far, and are incredibly excited about our future. We will continue to develop solutions that the fire service needs, and will actually use.

Batt3’s corporate philosophy is simple. We will only provide proven technology that is easy to use under fire, and we will back it up with industry leading customer service. Both of these concepts resonate with us because of our experience. We won’t personally use hard programs while working at a fire, and we have high customer service expectations from vendors whom we have given our money and trust.

  • Built For Reliability

    All of our solutions are built to be reliable. We know first hand how important it is for a solution to solve problems, not create a new one.

  • Industry Leading Customer Service

    The hallmark of a good software company is to provide continued support. This is especially true when they are asking the customer to trust them with important tasks. We know this, and live it. We are responsive, usually within minutes, of customer care concerns.

  • Connected

    In this connected world, we have so many options to make work easier. Setting up ICx for multiple command boards can be done easily with ICxweb. RehabPro utilizes cloud computing for additional set-up and syncing, and FireRoster is a web-based platform making it easy to use on any connected device including smartphones. However, ICx and RehabPro are not dependent on an internet connection to work in the field. Even with infrastructure breakdown during emergencies, your tactical worksheet, accountability, and rehab tracking will all be functioning.

  • Continued Development

    We are not willing to rest on the successes of our solutions. We are constantly working with clients, and their ideas, to continue to upgrade and add features.

Rugged and Reliable Solutions

When you deploy our solutions in the field, you should know that they are built to work during extremes. This is designed from the beginning with a simple to use interface. Dragging and dropping is easier than writing. Intuitive design will eliminate a learning curve that would render the program unusable during actual emergencies.

You can further your success with a proper rugged hardware device. While any Windows computer or tablet would work, we prefer to use rugged tablets for the on-scene problem solving that’s done with ICx and RehabPro. We particularly like the XSlate R12 from Zebra Technologies. It is the device pictured to the left. We believe that this platform gives you the ruggedness that is needed for emergency scene use, and the screen size is optimal for tracking multiple assignments during your emergency scene.

ICx Fact Sheet


ICx Incident Command is NIMS Compliant

Battalion 3 Technologies' ICx: Incident Command x is Deemed…

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