About BATT3

The Start

Founded in 2011 by two career battalion chiefs, Battalion 3 Technologies has worked tirelessly to develop command post friendly software solutions. When we set out to find a digital command solution, we couldn’t find one that worked for us and our department. We teamed up with a software engineer and developed the original ICx. We then began building a roster program to populate personnel in ICx for a more complete accountability tool.  We have enjoyed the journey so far, and are incredibly excited about our future. We will continue to develop solutions that the fire service needs, and will actually use.

Our Philosophy

Batt3’s corporate philosophy is simple. We will only provide proven technology that is easy to use under fire, and we will back it up with industry leading customer service. Both of these concepts resonate with us because of our experience. We won’t personally use hard programs while working at a fire, and we have high customer service expectations from vendors whom we have given our money and trust.

Our Team

2 fire service battalion chiefs, 1 incredibly gifted software engineer, and countless fantastic clients give Batt3 the best team in the industry. We intentionally listed clients as part of the team, as most of our best improvement ideas have come from the users.

Our specialization

  • Incident Command and Accountability

  • Firefighter Scheduling

  • Firefighter Rehabilitation

  • Integrations

  • Custom Fire Department Solutions