There are no hidden costs or fees with our pricing structure. You will receive a quote for the software subscription and any applicable extra modules that you choose. That quote is all you pay. We intend to have upfront pricing, and you never pay for customer support.

Absolutely! We know the frustrations of having a challenge with software, and we are here to help. We offer top-tier support to all of our clients for no additional charge. It is ridiculous (and should be illegal!) to pay a company to support the program they sold you.

We sure can. When you sign up as a client, we take your onboarding very seriously. Many departments find our setup very easy and don’t require any additional set up help. If you do need help to get up and running, we are here for you.

We have a simple subscription model for all of our solutions. This includes the web-based FireRoster, as well as the installed ICx and RehabPro software.

The web-based FireRoster.com scheduling solution is reliant on an internet connection. The ICx and RehabPro applications are locally installed on the device and will work when internet connections are not available. Of course, you will need internet for some of the syncing functions for these programs.

The two installed programs, ICx and RehabPro, are built for for the Windows operating system. They are not currently available for iOS or Android. The web application, FireRoster.com works on all internet connected devices including iphones, ipads, android phones, and android tablets.

We are releasing native iOS and Android apps for the FireRoster platform. This app includes notifications and scheduling functionality that works with your FireRoster.com account.

We don’t require long term contracts on any of our solutions. Although we don’t think you will, you are free to cancel service at any time.

No, there are no cancellation fees. We offer our solutions as subscriptions without long term contracts. If you don’t like our products, you can cancel at any time.

FireRoster allows a bulk import of members through it’s settings menu. You simply go to settings>import and select either ‘import members data’ or ‘import assignment data’. It even provides a downloadable sample xlsx file.

Adding members and deleting members is easy to do. From the settings menu, select the members tab and click ‘Add Member’. To delete a member, go to the members profile under settings and click ‘delete member’.

You need to extend the shifts. It is likely that your shift when set up had an expiration date that didn’t extend into next year. Under settings>shifts>A Shift>click to extend out schedule.

This is a tool that allows you to match qualifications of members and the resource. For example, if you have selected FF Smith as a paramedic under his qualifications in his member profile, when he is assigned a resource it will display that resource as ALS for the time he is assigned. This can be done with any qualification such as Haz-Mat, USAR, Tech Rescue, etc.

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We encourage our community to post feature requests to continue to improve our solution. In fact, most of the new features released come from clients wanting something added. If you see a request already posted and would like to see it, comment and we will compile and prioritize the more popular requests.

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