Firefighter Scheduling


Battalion 3’s scheduling software,, is quickly becoming one of the most popular schedulers on the market. We have created a scalable solution that works well with small departments, as well as large metropolitan departments. The tools and features included, make this a full-scale software solution without the incredible cost associated with systems of the past. Being web-based, offering a free trial period, no set-up cost, and no long term contracts makes FireRoster the logical choice to handle your department’s needs.

Why Choose FireRoster

Utilizing a web-based scheduling software will absolutely aid your department in staffing challenges. Having employees who know where they are assigned eliminates unnecessary phone calls, or members being late. The built in tools will have a tremendous time saving advantage over traditional methods of scheduling.


Less Time Scheduling = Cost Savings

Manage Overtime per Contracts = Less Labor Issues

Printable Records Show Who Worked and When

Members Know Where to Report

Eliminate Mistakes

Increased Accountability

If you would like to see how works, we are happy to set up a no-obligation 1 on 1 web demo. This is a great opportunity to see how we use it daily, and how it can be configured to fit seamlessly with your department operations.

FEATURES is feature-rich. Starting with an intuitively designed interface and built-in tools that work within your departments policies, procedures, CBAs, FireRoster has you covered. Below is just a partial list of features.


    Our schedule layout is simple to use and intuitively displays assignments that are easy to see. No more challenging spreadsheet layouts to learn with


    Built in controls allow the administrator to set their department’s schedule to match how they staff. By station, resource, part-time, full time, the options are there to make this work how you need.


    FireRoster is a web-based solution that is optimized for use on a mobile device. Members can check their assignments, initiate trade and leave requests, and respond to staffing needs through the system using their phones.


    At a glance on the dashboard, members will see their upcoming riding assignments, department messages, trade and leave request information, and user defined notes and tasks.


    Our robust messaging feature allows departments to send messages by email, dashboard, text, or any combination of ways. Message groups can be built for rank, shift, teams, etc.  You can even program recurring messages for monthly trainings or meetings.


    FireRoster eliminates redundant work by generating data in reports. Know who has worked, when they worked, what work codes they were assigned, etc. Reports can be printed as timesheets to integrate into your payroll program.


    Working with partnering agencies can become even more automatic when you share schedules. FireRoster allows you and neighbor departments to view and print daily roster info. This is a great feature to know who is showing at your scenes.


    Several tools allow for staffing changes to occur instantly. Apply for, approve, accept, or decline any trades, leave and overtime assignments. A tool that tracks overtime worked allows a department to forgo the challenges of calling down a phone list to get someone called back in.

We are so proud of this

Deputy Chief Howard B. Johnson III

Spokane County Fire District #4

“Battalion 3 Technologies is a company that personifies customer service! They have developed a great product for us. It has saved our organization an amazing amount of money and most importantly, TIME! I am very satisfied with their company, and their product.”

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