Incident Command

Born out of Need

The concept of ICx was conceived with frustration at what was being offered for digital command options. We were looking for something to use in our jobs that would work effortlessly during emergency responses. It had to be as easy as writing on a tactical worksheet, keep detailed record of resource assignments, track individual members, provide several scene timers, and not require a long learning curve. We created the first version of ICx and put it into service to test it. Our emergency scenes became better organized overnight, which led to safer incidents. After the testing in our department, we opened it up and sold the software to several early-adopter departments, and took input from them and continued development to what we offer today; an intuitively designed tactical worksheet that integrates staffing to create a full fledged accountability tool.

Why Choose ICx

Utilizing a digital command board, tactical worksheet and accountability tool ensures the ability to access more information quicker than traditional methods. Our intuitive design combines modern technology with a traditional tactical worksheet feel.


Increased Situational Awareness = Safer Scenes

Increased Command Post Organization = Safer Scenes

Outstanding Tactics and Strategy Training Tool for Fire Officers

Better Documentation


ICx has a number of features that incident commanders use everyday, and some detail features that may only be used on large scale incidents. We are continually adding features to make this the best program on the market. Below is a partial list of current features,


    We mention this first as we feel it is the most important feature we offer. Emulating the ease of a traditional tactical worksheet, ICx is the simplest to learn product on the market for command and control of emergency incidents. Give it a try and you will agree that it has the shortest on-boarding learning curve of all like products on the market.


    ICx keeps track of all assignments, benchmarks, and notes that the incident commander makes. All entries include a time/date stamp and are exportable to PDF for reporting.

    Using the export will make the narrative of NFIRS reports the most thorough accounting of the incident.


    ICx boasts several useful timers for the incident commander. The incident timer keeps track of the total operating time at the incident. Additionally, each resource is timed when they are given an assignment, or when they enter the IDLH.

    Each resource assignment is also shown in a history view complete with times, allowing the IC to manage time in assignments and rehab.


    Personnel Accountability Reports (PARs) or Roll Calls are a necessity for the involved IC during key times like strategy change, or following a MAYDAY. This tool allows the IC to perform a quick PAR check, and records the completeness in the incident log.


    ICx provides a configurable checklist for the IC to reference during the event of a firefighter emergency, or MAYDAY. It is end-user configurable to reflect the best practices and policies of the individual department.

    Once indicated on the command board, the MAYDAY automatically triggers a scene snapshot referencing the assignment/location of all personnel and resources on the fireground at the time of the MAYDAY.


    ICx can be configured to work with most CAD systems. The CAD interface will automatically enter dispatch information such as scene address and responding resources. The auto-population of resources makes it quicker to begin tracking them on the digital command board.


    ICx will link with our FireRoster scheduling system, as well as most other third party fire department scheduling programs. The interface populates individual personnel assigned to responding units, giving the IC a better accountability tool. With mutual aid schedule integration, the IC will have the information they need about resources from other agencies.

  • ICX WEB (Chief’s View)

    A web portal allows department members to pull up a view only version of the tactical worksheet from a remote location to see what assignments are being tracked, what benchmarks are handled, and any other information that is valuable.

NIMS Consistency

Battalion 3 Technologies’ ICx: Incident Command x is Deemed Consistent with NIMS Concepts and Principles By Evaluators.

ICx: Incident Command x, a Windows based incident command, control and accountability program was evaluated by the Supporting Technology Evaluation Project (STEP). STEP is managed by the Preparedness-Technology, Analysis, and Coordination (P-TAC) Center, which is operated by Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) under contract with the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s National Preparedness Directorate (FEMA NPD). The test was performed to evaluate the system’s incorporation of NIMS concepts and principles.

Following evaluation, it was determined that ICx is consistent with all NIMS criteria; Hazards, Preparedness, Communications and Information Management; Resource Management; Command and Management. ICx also applies to 12 Minimum Product Requirements.

*excerpt from report executive summary, full report available to view.

For more information about features and benefits, download the ICx fact sheet

We are so proud of this

“Most of the Incident Management software programs I’ve seen are okay, but this one is absolutely incredible! Well done guys! I am positive that there are LODD’s that would have never happened if the IC was using this. Battalion 3 Technologies @batt3tech

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