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Firefighter Rehabilitation Solution


Rehab isn't just for Rock Stars.


Introducing the NFPA 1854 Compliant Firefighter Rehab Solution



Like all of our other products, a ton of focus was placed on an intuitive interface. We want members to be able to record vital data without having to think about too many drop down boxes, or other difficult methods. And like our other programs, data entry into RehabPro is actually easier than writing.

Schedule Sync

RehabPro will sync with FireRoster, or several other third party schedules to provide an accurate list for the rehab process. When Engine 1 shows in rehab, the personnel information will already be there, so you can get to recording data and not spend time trying to populate the computer with member information.


Battalion 3 recognized a need for a quality method for tracking and recording NFPA 1854 compliance. RehabPro offers a digital solution that allows members to be rehabbed at emergency incidents and training, while recording the data for the member. This allows for the member to access  his rehab and exposure data from a web portal and produce vital records that are actually captured during exertion, providing another tool for department physicians. Maintaining these records also allows the department to run statistics on rehabilitation times and values.



RehabPro is a full fledged solution. We take the health of firefighters very seriously and have developed this program to be inclusive of all key metrics during the rehab process. We use these data points and run a "Return to Work" algorithm to help determine a members fitness for returning to assignment on the fire or training. Below is just a partial list of features.




RehabPro has timers built into each resource and person who is cycled through Rehab. In accordance with NFPA 1854, members reporting to rehab have a 10 minute timer before their first set of vitals need to be recorded. Then a second timer for when they need re-checked. This ensures the rehab process is followed according to best practices of vital sign monitoring.


Along with vital signs during rehab, RehabPro provides a spot for recording the intake of water and nourishment during the rehab time. Items, and their nutritional values, can be pre-loaded into RehabPro, so selecting them adds the specific item and values to the members record.




Our robust rehab solution includes the opportunity for the department to configure vital sign ranges, and other key metrics to determine the fitness for your member to return to assignments. This is inclusive of signs and symptoms mentioned by the member, as well as consecutive vital sign checks. This also allows a member to record baseline vitals to compare to incident vitals to help detect abnormalities.


RehabPro collects a ton of data during rehab events. This data is uploaded to the web and is archived for the department, and the members to access. Privacy protected data is only available to the individual, however some private info can be scrubbed for the department to be able to run rehab reports.


With the growing understanding of just how toxic smoke exposures are, RehabPro will automatically create an exposure report with scene data if triggered. This cuts down the effort that a member has to put in to record the toxic exposure. And more importantly, that members exposure reports are all contained in one area if they need them for health reasons.


The web portal is where all the information is uploaded at the conclusion of a rehab event. This is where a member can also go in and view their data, including creating or editing exposure reports. Supervisors will see exposure reports that need witnessed and approved to file, to maintain the integrity of the reporting system. A full back end system to make sure your data is protected and available.




Let's face it. Rehab hasn't always been the most glamorous part of the firefighting job. However, the amount of health related firefighter fatalities is staggering. Utilizing a NFPA 1854 compliant system to help administer your rehab, and maintaining documentation is a better option for your members and the department.



Easy to use = Promotes More Use = Safer for Members


Maintain Records of Rehab = Lower Department Liability


Printable Records For Employees Health Evaluations with Physicians


Members Can Maintain Exposure Information


Helps to Paint the Picture of Members Fitness to Return to Assignment


Increases Health Awareness = SAFER SCENES!



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